Help us build a Waldorf-inspired nature school. Over $2300 raised so far!

Our Programs

Gardening for Everyone

Our non-profit offers the community options to learn about cultivating healthy, sustainable, organic gardening.

Learn By Doing

We are hands-on all day, giving families experiences that help them learn, remember, and encourage each other through co-teaching and gathering.

Dig in with us

We take your experience with food outdoors and hands on, enhancing education for all ages, including those with disabilities.

Find the right program for your family

We’d love to welcome you to our cooperative farming experience.


For the little ones we have instructed gardening classes with fun with Lohra. Learn to grow seeds, play in dirt, and become educated about plants. Learn how to be sustainable through our livestock and surroundings.


Young adults and children with different abilities learn to garden from ground up.


Adults become versed in permaculture, no-till and other types of gardens. Volunteer on the farm and help the community grow!

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921 Mingo Dr, Naples,  FL 34120

Lohra Ballinger, owner
(239) 287-5074

Garrett Cadou, manager